Affton Days: Study for Patch's Trivia Booth, Win Prizes

Affton Patch editor Lindsay Toler will be asking vacation-themed trivia questions at Patch's Affton Community Days booth. Find the answers here and win prizes!

It's here, Affton!

Our annual festival celebrating life in our own little neck-of-the-woods starts today. And if you plan to attend Affton Community Days, you'll want to read this.

Affton Patch is running a trivia game, asking questions about "vacationing" in Affton. Since you're a Patch reader, we only thought it was fair to give you first shot at the answers.

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Here are the questions (and answers) we'll be asking at our booth today:

  1. Great white sharks found off the coast of Africa are known to jump almost 10 feet in the air. What restaurant with a location on Gravois posted this fact during Shark Week? Sybergs.
  2. What did Ulysses S. Grant name the 80 acre farm where he built a four-room cabin for himself and his new bride Julia Dent? A: Hardscrabble.
  3. When Grant’s Farm was a farm run by Ulysses S Grant, what did he grow? Name one. Potatoes, wheat, fruit.
  4. True or False: Grant’s Cabin is still located exactly where Ulysses S Grant himself built it. False.
  5. Affton is home to the Budweiser Clydesdale Stables. Which of these is NOT a requirement for becoming a Budweiser team Clydesdale: Stand 6 feet high, All white feathering on 4 legs and feet, Have a 3-foot-long tail. The tail length is not a requirement.
  6. Tourists at Grants Farm get a complimentary beer at The Bauernhof, a 19th century style Bavarian farm. What is “baurenhof” mean in German? Farmstead.
  7. Which of these animals is not part of the Deer Park exhibit at Grant’s Farm? Deer, Bison, Koi fish, Buffalo, Zebra. Buffalo.
  8. What famous actor was born and raised in Affton and went to Affton High School? John Goodman.
  9. Which two Affton businesses have signs that are recognized as historic signs by St. Louis County? Ferderhofer’s Bakery and Phil’s BBQ.

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