Groucho, Zeppo, Hunter, Jewel Seek New Homes

Dog and cats available from the Open Door Animal Sanctuary

Groucho and Zeppo are sisters that were rescued off the streets of St. Louis. They are very sweet girls that love each other tremendously. Zeppo is the more outgoing of the two and Groucho just takes a little time to get to know you. Once these girls know you love them, they are the biggest love bugs in the world. Zeppo spins around and hops up to put her head in your hands so that you pet her. Groucho loves to wrap around your leg and talk to you. These girls are almost 2 years old now and are ready for a home. They have been together their entire lives and we would love to see them stay together. If your home needs some very sweet cats that will love and entertain you, come on by and meet Groucho and Zeppo.

Jewel is a super sweet Hound mix that was rescued from a hoarder. We estimate that she is 4 years old and she currently weighs 58 lbs, which is a big improvement over her weight when she came to us. This girl has made a complete turn around. She now loves affection, squeaky toys, and treats as she did not get those in her previous "home." She gets along really well with other dogs and doesn't mind cats. Jewel also enjoys walks and would be a perfect addition to any family.

Hunter is an older Brittney Spaniel that is still pretty active. This 8-year-old boy loves to play with other dogs and loves to play with rope toys. Hunter loves to be petted and loves to get scratched behind his ears and loves being hugged. This is a man that needs a wonderful family that will give him plenty of love and toys. Hunter does really well with other dogs and is curious about cats but doesn't chase them. Hunter would do well in almost any home, maybe even yours.


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