Local Group Decries "Problem Property" Under Digital Billboard

Read the letter the Affton Community Involvement Association sent to County Councilman Pat Dolan about the rock, weeds and potholes under the sign.

A group of Affton residents say they are still working on the issue of the digital billboard at the Gravois and Tesson Ferry roads intersection.

This time, the Affton Community Involvement Association is asking why the ground below the billboard has been allowed to become what they call a "problem property."

Here's the letter the association send to County Councilman Pat Dolan earlier this month:

Dear Councilman Dolan:

As you will recall, the Affton Community Involvement Association et al. were not pleased with the construction of the digital billboard erected at the northeast corner of Rock Hill Road at Gravois Road. Following communications with Eric Fey and Glenn Powers we reluctantly came to understand why it is allowed to exist. However, a secondary issue with this permitted non-conforming use has come to the fore.

The construction of the sign included no provision for landscaping. What currently exists beneath this behemoth of a sign is gravel, weeds, piles of unearthed rock and, at the eastern portion of the property, the remains of former black top parking having large pot holes. This is not acceptable.

At the October 11th meeting of the Affton Chamber of Commerce, I sat next to Mike Bamvakais, who is with the law firm of Dill, Bamvakais & Newsham, PC. Their firm at 9939 Gravois abuts the problem property. Out of the blue, Mike turned to me and asked if I had seen the conditions described in the paragraph above. I responded that I had. Suffice it to say, his opinion and that of his law partners mirror the opinion of the Affton Community Involvement Association. It is our mutual position that St. Louis County should require CBS Outdoor to maintain the grounds at that parcel in such a manner that it will not (as it is) be considered an eyesore going forward. We respectfully request your assistance in this regard. 

We also look forward to the forthcoming release of the results of the County’s Signage Codification Review, which you graciously helped put in motion.


Larry C. Stone, Chairman

Affton Community Involvement Association

GHutch October 25, 2012 at 09:50 PM
I have passed through this intersection thousands of times. It is not unsightly. The electronic form is actually better. As for as trying to retroactively add a condition of landscaping (grass lawn vs rock gravel). That is illegal. So Bamvakis did not complain while this was a static billboard and not it is problem. It seems to me that the Affton Community Involvement Association is seeking some issue to push incorporation. Frankly we do not need any more government.


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