Wildlife Hotline Helps Injured Affton Squirrel

The Bi-State Wildlife Hotline is blogging for Patch, updating readers when there are wildlife conflicts, questions, rescues and rehabilitation issues. Check out how the hotline helped one injured squirrel in Affton.

Ever see a hurt, sick or dead animal in your yard and wonder what exactly you're supposed to do about it?

Earlier this month, an injured squirrel was shuffling through a yard in Affton acting like its hind legs weren't working.

Concerned residents called the Bi-State Wildlife Hotline, a not-for-profit, 24/7 hotline designed to help residents with their wildlife questions, rescues and concerns.

Thanks to the hotline call, experts picked up the squirrel, which had a spinal injury (probably due to a dog attack, hotline organizers said.) They humanely euthanized the squirrel. 

The hotline is one of Patch's newest bloggers,

Reach the hotline online at www.wildlifehotline.com, by phone at 636-492-1610, email at help@wildlifehotline.com or visit us on Facebook & Twitter at @WildlifeHotline.  


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