Affton Save-A-Lot Grocery Store Will Close Feb. 23

Affton area shoppers will have one less grocery option to fill their weekly shopping carts.

Storm clouds are building in the Affton-Sappington area again as another local grocery outlet is closing. The Save-A-Lot store at 10047 Gravois Rd. in Affton's Grasso Plaza shopping center is closing effective Feb. 23.

The store, which is an anchor tenant in the plaza, is the latest chapter in the local grocery story in the Affton-Sappington area, following the , 11155 Gravois Rd. in nearby Sappington. Sappington Farmer's Market, also announced it would close its operation at 8400 Watson Rd. in Marlborough.

Save-A-Lot spokesman Chon Tomlin said the Affton Save-A-Lot store wasn't meeting its goals for sales and customer traffic that showed up in a re-evaluation of the store, which Tomlin said is a normal process for Save-A-Lot stores.

"Sometimes things change," Tomlin said of the re-evaluation. "You have to look at the sales to make sure the store is sustainable."

In the case of the Affton Save-A-Lot store, it didn't meet those expectations, Tomlin said.

The eventual closure of the Affton Save-A-Lot reduces the full service grocery store choices for Affton area shoppers.

Nearby grocery stores include:

  • Schnuck's Market, 10070 Gravois Rd. (across the street from the Save-A-Lot store).
  • Schnuck's Market, 5434 Southfield Center (Lindbergh Boulevard and Baptist Church Road)
  • Dierbergs Market, 12420 Tesson Ferry Road.
  • Dierbergs Market, 7233 Watson Rd. (Mackenzie Pointe)
  • Shop 'n' Save Food, 5780 South Lindbergh Boulevard. (at Mueller Road)

The news of the Save-A-Lot closing spread slowly in Affton, as no general announcement was made. Rather, a sign was posted inside the store informing customers of the closing date and thanking them for their patronage.

Joan Edleson, executive director of the Affton Chamber of Commerce noted the announcement but did not have any information about the reason for the closure.

Larry Stone, of the Affton Neighborhood Involvement Association, also was in the dark about the pending shutdown of Save-A-Lot.

"It's really scary (to have) one of the anchor tenants close like that," Stone said.

He said he intends to get the word out to the association as fast as possible, but admits there is little it can do to keep the grocery store in Affton.

Carol Boss, the Affton woman who headed up a high-profile petition drive to convince Trader Joe's to locate a new store in the South County area, is also concerned about the loss of another grocery opportunity in Affton.

"On a personal level it's going to affect me because I shop there," she said, adding that Save-A-Lot's Grasso Plaza location is another potential spot for Trader Joe's, which so far has rebuffed her efforts to bring a store to South County. Boss admits the petition drive was time consuming and drained much of her energy, although she insists the end of the Trader-Joe's-to-South County story has yet been written.

"I'm not giving up on the dream," she said.

Any work on finding a grocery tenant in Grasso Plaza will be a "lower key effort," she said.

Progress on Trader Joe's and, potentially, any involvement in the Save-A-Lot development, can be followed on Boss' Facebook page: Bring Trader Joe’s to the Communities of South St. Louis.

Although the Affton Save-A-Lot store is closing Feb. 23, company spokesman Tomlin said two other Save-A-Lot stores will open in the St. Louis area this year, including a store at 3160 Telegraph Road in Mehlville and another at 1631 Jefferson Ave. in south St. Louis.


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PaulRevere February 07, 2013 at 08:53 PM
There is a 7 store operation called "MOSER's". They are similar to the Farmers market that closed down. Vegetables,Groceries,meats, and Deli operations. Perhaps that ownership should be contacted.
Chris Mallie February 07, 2013 at 11:27 PM
$3.5 million in TIF to this project. But $0.148 million is already paid back. Just a few more...dozen....years to go.
dave garren February 08, 2013 at 03:03 PM
That was my thought exactly, Chris P. And I had to laugh when just two weeks ago, Kurt Odenwald was publicly touting what a success Grasso Plaza is while endorsing the TIF for Walmart in Shrewsbury. But when called out on this very project and how it negatively affected all of the surrounding properties, no response...crickets. The only one's who made out the Grasso Plaza TIF were the one's who profited on it's construction. And anyone else who's pockets may have been lined when the contracts were handed out.
TLM February 08, 2013 at 09:05 PM
I shop at this store on a regular basis. It has the best prices on many of the items I buy. Its going to be hard to deal with this. The Grasso Plaza location is very handy for me. A replacement grocery store tenant would be good but I doubt the prices would be as reasonable. I have checked prices at Walmart, they were higher than I was used to getting at Save-A-Lot.


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