Food Fight: Vote for Best Doughnuts in South County Poll

We asked for your nominations for best doughnut places in South County and got a few nominations. Even though you're busy prepping for Christmas, take time to vote for your favorite in the poll.

Holy pastries, South County! If we go by the comments in which you nominated your favorite doughnut shops in South County and Arnold, we might assume it's a runaway decision.

But there were some dark-horse candidates for favorite doughnut shop (and yes, we prefer the spelling "doughnut" over "donut"). We also found some nominees posted on Facebook.

The top nominees that we've selected for this week's poll (see below!) are:

  • : Can you have a doughnut shop that's not open 24/7? This place on Morgan Ford Road in Affton is open all the time.
  • : It's also got locations in Chesterfield and Kirkwood, but it's the Mehlville location that South Countians counted among their favorites. Does it get your top vote?
  • : You want fancy? Go somewhere else. You want doughuts? Here's how we put it on the Fenton-High Ridge Patch listing: "Keeping it simple means you pay for the donut, and not the overpriced décor."
  • Donut Stop: This spot was among the oft-nominated spots, but technically not in any of our Patches. As the editor of Mehlville-Oakville Patch says, "it's a hot second outside of Mehlville" in Lemay.

So now, it's time to vote in our poll. The poll is open now through 5 p.m. on Friday. Please vote early and often, and share this on your Facebook and Twitter pages so your friends get a chance to vote as well.

We'll post the results of the poll on Saturday morning.

Note: The South County Food Fight will take next week off. With all the family in town for the holidays, we'll have other things to fight about besides food.


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