Frankie G's, Cafe Affton Inspected in August

See how your favorite restaurants fared on St. Louis County Department of Health inspections.

Patch examined inspection reports in Mehlville, Oakville and Affton in July and August. Information has been compiled using publicly available data published to the website of the St. Louis County Health Department

Restaurants are rated on a scale of A to C, with A being the best. Inspectors also give a score indicating the percentage of compliance with inspection standards. 

The health department inspects restaurants on a routine basis unless otherwise noted. 

, 4631 Lemay Ferry Road
Inspection date: July 27
Grade: A (92)
Comments: No one had food protection certification and Hepatitis A records were incomplete. There was debris build-up on equipment and refrigeration. Items were corrected on an Aug. 7 follow-up inspection. 

, 4565 Chesnut Park Plaza
Inspection date: July 31
Grade: A (94)
Comments: The product on top of prep tables is not maintaining the proper temperature of 41 degrees. There was also debris accumulation under the glass mats behind the bar. A follow-up inspection on Aug. 9 revealed the prep table is still not maintaining the proper temperatures but the item was corrected on another inspection Aug. 20.

, 8713 Gravois Road
Inspection date: Aug. 7
Grade: A (95)
Comments: The glass washer at the bar was not delivering sanitizer solution. There was also missing cove molding by the second bar wait area. A follow-up inspection is necessary.

Exquisite Catering, 8715 Gravois Road
Inspection date: Aug. 7
Grade: A (100)
No comments available.

, 8003 Mackenzie Road
Inspection date: Aug. 8
Grade: A (100)
Comments: The inspector found fried rice at 120 degrees; it must be kept at 135 or hotter or 41 or colder to prevent bacteria growth. Trash bags were also used to cover food.

Concord Grill and Catering, 11427 Concord Village Avenue
Inspection date: Aug. 9
Grade: A (99)
Comments: The grey racks above the steam table have food spill dried on them. The ice scoop container and scoop has dirt on the bottom edge and the can opener has food on the mounting and opener. The cutting boards also have black, mold-like areas. Items need to be correct before the next visit.

Curbside Cookery, 4562 Lemay Ferry Road
Inspection date: Aug. 10
Grade: A (99)
Comments: The hand sink has a small leak that needs repair.

, 8520 Mackenzie Road
Inspection date: Aug. 13
Grade: A (99)
Comments: The inspector found a disc cap cover missing on the floor of a walk-in cooler ramp exposing insulation.

, 6441 Lindbergh Boulevard
Inspection date: Aug. 14
Grade: A (99)
Comments: The inspector found a floor full of food spills and chucks. The dish machine was not dispensing the correct amount of sanitizer, but was corrected immediately.

Ed Taylor September 03, 2012 at 02:18 PM
How do you get 100% if a food item is not kept hot enough "to prevent bacteria growth"? Or 99% if serving utensils have dirt on them and cutting boards have "black, mold-like areas"? Or 95% if the bar's glass washer isn't sanitizing the glasses? "Waiter, there's a germ in my beer." "That's OK, sir, it's Beck's."
Tom Diehl September 03, 2012 at 05:58 PM
They grade on a curve? Oh, wait. That can't explain the 100%.


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