Menards Considering Affton

The Affton Chamber of Commerce contacted a Menards representative recently.

The Menards St. Peters store
The Menards St. Peters store

Affton Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Joan Edleson said Monday that Menards is considering an Affton location.

The big-box hardware store has opened in St. Peters and O’Fallon, and plans to build in Richmond Heights.

Edleson said she talked with Scott Nuttelman, of Menards, about building in Affton. She said she thinks the store usually builds a new building rather than leasing.

She said the average Affton household income now is comparatively low ($50,000 she quoted), but should rise after subdivisions now under construction are completed, which would make the area more attractive. She said she also stressed that Gravois would bring St. Louis city residents. 

Edleson said she sent Nuttleman a follow-up letter, and St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley will also send a letter.

Larry Darragh October 08, 2013 at 03:12 PM
Paul- {{Why don't you you comment on why Affton residents should pay all their life for "someone else's childs education?????}} I did, but you obviously missed that, or you're just ignoring it. {{You ask how schools can do it for $5,000. Someone , I detect you are not a serious writer here.}} What? What is this gibberish? {{ Why don't you go get your research staff to "prove" that administrators are costing us all over $100k per year. }} Why are you saying this? I never disagreed with you on the topic of overpaid school administrators. And why are you trying to place the burden of proof on me to substantiate your malarkey? I provide documented evidence to back up what I say. You've never provided __any__ proof to back your arguments so they're little more than popcorn farts in the wind to me. If you see yourself as this modern-day Publius, fighting for the rights of the people to be "well informed," you better get your figures straight and presentable (to gain support), or else you're going to be made to look like a major fool by your opposition. It's becoming clear to me why you're so biased against the educational system. In reading your posts you make my brain hurt with wanton grammatical errors, the haphazard use of punctuation, Ad Hominem attacks and name calling (oh, such the sophisticated debate tactic), and the wretched use of ALL CAPS to prove how REALLY, REALLY MAD YOU MUST BE!!! You obviously had a lousy education, and now you wish the same on others. Oh, and the proper spelling of the old Roman Emperor you used in a previous post is "Julius Caesar," just in case you wish to use that analogy again. I know this because I went to one of those public schools where they taught us history and spelling.
Affton Resident October 08, 2013 at 03:23 PM
Paul - Pension will need to be reformed by the state of missouri. Affton Board of Education will not stir that pot unless every other school district and board were screaming for reform. It needs to be fixed but like every other problem - we dont like to bring up the difficult discussions/decisions until we are ready to default.
Affton Resident October 08, 2013 at 03:33 PM
Regarding luring business to Affton- if we were incorporated we would have more flexibility. We are under st louis county - they dont care about any of that unless we are looking to build out another senior living/assisted living center. Growth will have to come from entrepreneurs/ self developed in the community, and our demographics will limit that growth because of poorer credit/ not enough cash on hand to sustain.
Paul Revere October 11, 2013 at 06:40 PM
Well Larry, once again the truth comes out of you. A former Public school student who is set on putting down someone who you NOT KNOW. So, form your opinions of how well educated I might or might not be. Fact is, it is starting to show that you are unwilling to discuss the Pensions of the teachers. Let me add one more thing. Forcing any citizen in the USA to use a service that is already available to the American public is wrong. If you want to argue my point that communities have many alternative elementary education available at much less cost than public schools, please do so. I pay $4,000 for my child's school, so that is my proof. A school that has 99.9% high school onward , with 98% graduating High school. But, I do not argue against Public schools costs from that point. You would rather see residents losing homes because they are forced to pay for not only the Public schools, but also for the obnoxious $80k to $125k pensions that have zilch to do with education. We all need and use Firemen, Policemen and city hall services. Those are truly Government services. Public schools "ARE NOT GOVERNMENT SERVICES". They are Mandated services. there is a big difference. Just like Obamacare, it is a Mandated service--It is not a Public service. Soon , we will all have "Public medical" & private medical". Need I explain that? Do I need to put a number behind every comment?. The school of hard knock always cautioned me to appear less intelligent than the other person, until that other person reveals their own intelligence value. Something you should remember before you pounce on the unknown. Surely, you should know from my past comments, I have the ability to eat anything thrown at me, and spit it out. MY goal is simple, educate the uninformed ----ONE AT A TIME. When Affton residents see how the Teacher unions are transforming society into "MODERN DAY SLAVERY", maybe your number charts , (which are correct!) will be buried in the vaults of revolt. BTW: Almost every Teacher having at least 25 years service actually ranks in the upper 5% of all MO retirees. Did you miss the recent Household income report? Average US household income is DOWN over $5,000 these past 5 years. Would you like to tell us all how many Affton teachers still working at Affton actually got $5,000 cuts in pays and benefits?. Would you like to tell us how many residents are earning much less today and still paying the same Real estate tax amounts as 5 years ago? Do you know that even a 2% pay raise costs us all more in Pension costs based on that 2% w-2 raise. Do you know that a $50k worker in America pays 7.65% (soc sec)to support America's DEBT?. A $50k Teacher pays ZERO of US Debt BUT PUTS 14% (that's $7,000) every year directly into their own personal Pension fund. They report only $43k taxable income , but the American Worker reports all $50k as taxable. Over 25 years that amounts to approx$200k. WOW! want me to go on LARRY? I can literally knock the logic of how our Public School unions are "stealing" the American way of life, right under our own stupidity. They will one day rank as the elite top .5% of all Missourians. There are only 11 states that treat Educators like "elitists". 1 of those states is about to get rid of the R.E Tax. So, instead of pretending you agree with me, why don't you call for a complete change in how public schools are funded?. Am I too weak for you.
Larry Darragh October 17, 2013 at 06:01 PM
Paul, Ok, let's start with your child's tuition. What school do they attend, if I may be so bold as to ask?


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