Petition Drive Opposes Walmart Grocery Store in South County

A Walmart Neighborhood Market on at Tesson Ferry and Butler Hill roads is not needed, not wanted and too disruptive, says petition drive coordinator Maryann Gregory.

When Patch mentioned that a Walmart Neighborhood Market was being proposed near the intersection of Tesson Ferry and Butler Hill roads, some readers were less than enthused. It is, after all, the second proposed for the area after the approval of a new store in Kenrick Plaza.

"We are one of the youngest couples in the area and we don't want Walmart to ruin the quiet lifestyle my elder neighbors have.. We love using Schnucks and also if we need something from Walmart there are already 3 locations within mins!!!!" reader Mike Bockhoff said.

Now a "sweet little old lady from Mayberry" is fighting to keep the retail behemoth away from her neighborhood.

"We don't need another grocery store in this area," Maryann Gregory said. "We don't need the traffic. We don't need the noise. We don't need our property values to decline."

Gregory also said a 24/7 business operation like a Walmart Neighborhood Market will bring crime to the neighborhood.

Gregory and four others have been circulating petitions opposting the project, which they believe is an intrusion in their neighborhood.

Gregory says there already is too much traffic in the area and the Walmart Neighborhood Market would bring more.

"Walmart did the traffic study and (it) says there is no traffic here. I beg to differ," Gregory said. "Did they do it at three o'clock in the morning?"

Gregory said there are two grocery stores and three mini-marts in the area in the area without the addition of another one by Walmart.

"Why are they trying to put a grocery store near all these other stores?" Gregory said. "We don't need it."

Gregory is proud of her neighborhood and is afraid the Walmart grocery store operation will disrupt the peaceful nature of her street.

"The best way to describe it is Mayberry," she said.

Gregory has been in touch with St. Louis County Councilman Steve Stenger's office about the Walmart proposal, but has not talked with him personally. Patch also was unable to reach Stenger for a comment on the Walmart plan.

"This place is on fire," Gegory said. "It would be good for (Stenger) to come out here and show his face. I'm just telling it like it is."

The straight-talking Gregory also wants to make it clear she has nothing against Walmart as a company, only the disruption a Walmart grocery store will bring to her neighborhood, where many of the residents have lived for 40 years or more.

"I don't have a thing against Walmart. I'm not anti-Walmart," Gregory said. "I go to Walmart myself. It's just the neighborhood I'm concerned about. We all want to stay here until God takes us home."

Do you think a Walmart Neighborhood Grocer is right for South County? Do you think it's a good location for a new grocery store? Tell us in the comments.


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Chris Mallie May 04, 2013 at 12:50 PM
Keep in mind this is a neighborhood market, which is only about 20-25% of the size of a Wal-mart supercenter. I'm not sure the people quoted in the article "get" that with the references to the "retail behemoth" that causes traffic and destroye their suburban way of life, etc. Does Wal-mart want subsidy to move in? It doesn't sound like it. Who are these people to say that it can't move into a properly-zone retail area as long as it pays taxes, follows all the rules, maintains its property, pays rent, and hires people?
Larry Stone May 04, 2013 at 02:30 PM
Ah here we go again! Chris P has responded. The self proclaimed protector of any/all business weighs in to defend any business that desires to plant itself around South County. Note that Chris P begins by stating "I'm not sure the people quoted "get" that with the references to the "retail behemoth" that causes traffic and destroys their suburban way of life, etc." So right off the bat Chris P is telling you you are uninformed (i.e. stupid). Also seems to have something against your selected suburban way of life and tells you you're a job killer. Since Chris P obviously doesn't live in the area to be impacted by this, he/she declares himself/herself to be the know all end all of how this should play out. Chris P....the petitioners have made it clear that they have nothing against Wal-Mart. They are concerned about retail's impact on " THEIR" neighborhood To Maryann Gregory: I say stay your rightful course and do not be deterred by the many missives that I guarantee you will follow from Chris P. He/she has already insulted your intelligence and your personally chosen suburban lifestyle....need I say more? Yes. "I wish you great success with your petition drive!"
Tony Rivera May 04, 2013 at 06:43 PM
"A Walmart Neighborhood Market on at Tesson Ferry and Butler Hill roads is not needed" says the article. Who says it's not needed? If people would go there to shop then isn't there a market for it? Is it not zoned retail? Are they fighting the zoning altogether or just Wal-mart? Is there TIF???? (If so then I can see the problem but then the petition should be against TIF and not a particular store).
Francis Soyer May 06, 2013 at 04:24 PM
"Why are they trying to put a grocery store near all these other stores" simple... to drive all the others out of business... that is their model for success and it works!!!! I do find it humorous that peple say they like Walmart... unless of course it is in their neighborhood. I'll be clear... I don't want any more and only shop out of necessity... which is seldom at best.
Karlie Baker May 06, 2013 at 09:56 PM
Please be aware the 'not needed' is the opinion of petition drive coordinator Maryann Gregory, as is stated.


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