Restaurant Inspections: Chuck E. Cheese Passes Insect Inpection

See how Bernard Middle School, the pool at the Best Western I-55 South Inn and Cecil Whittakers Pizzeria fared in the latest round of health inspections.

Patch examined inspection reports in Oakville in October and November. Information has been compiled using publicly available data published to the website of the St. Louis County Health Department

Restaurants are rated on a scale of A to C, with A being the best. Inspectors also give a score indicating the percentage of compliance with inspection standards. The health department inspects restaurants on a routine basis unless otherwise noted.

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Auntie Anne's Pretzles
33 South County Center Way
Inspected on: Oct. 8
Grade: A (99)
Comments: Chemical containers were not labeled, and broken floor tiles need to be replaced by the next routine inspection.

Dierberg's Bento Sushi Bar
5640 Telegraph Road
Inspected on: Nov. 29
Grade: A (99)
Comments: The restaurant needs to keep a log of the PH in sushi rice. Also, the wiping cloth on the counter needs to be stored properly in sanitized water.

Bernard Middle School
1054 Forder Road
Inspected on: Oct. 12
Grade: A (99)
Comments: Debris accumulation on floors, especially in the mop room, along the walls and under equipment, needs to be maintained clean.

Best Western I-55 South Inn Pool
6224 Heimos Indistrial Park Drive
Inspected on: Nov. 1
Grade: n/a
Comments: The entry door is not self-latching. The safety rope with floats is missing. And the line of demarkation for deep/shallow water needs to be fixed.

Billie's Bistro
5445 Telegraph Road
Inspected on: Oct. 29
Grade: A (97)
Comments: Worn cutting boards need to be smooth and easily cleanable. The greese trap opening needs to be properly covered. The dripping faucet at the three-compartment sink needs to be repaired. Debris accumulation on the floors needs to be kept clean. A missing coverbase needs to be replaced in the dishroom.

Blades Elementary School
5140 Patterson Road
Inspected on: Oct. 12
Grade: A (100)
Comments: None.

Bottle Cellars
6039 Telegraph Road
Inspected on: Dec. 7
Grade: A (100)
Comments: None.

Candy City
40 South County Center Way
Inspected on: Nov. 7
Grade: A (100)
Comments: None.

Cecil Whittakers Pizzeria
4412 Lemay Ferry Road
Inspected on: Oct. 10
Grade: A (95)
Comments: Some chicken wings were at room temperature, so the restaurant voluntarily discarded them. Thermometers were missing from the prep tables. Cutting boards need to be smooth. The light shield is missing in the warewashing room.

Chuck E. Cheese
720 South County Center Way
Inspected on: Dec. 3
Grade: A (100)
Comments: The restaurant was inspected after a patron complained of roaches at the salad bar. The manager on duty indicated the insect in question was a flyng insect near the salad bar. Ecolab services the facility routinely, most recently in mid-October. The inspector did not see roaches at the salad bar, cabinets, cotton candy machine or soda machines.


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