Time to Vote on Our Finalists in the South County Coffee Food Fight

It wasn't exactly a bold, robust response when we asked for nominees in our South County Coffee Food Fight. But we have full-flavored finalists for you to vote on.

It's time to vote now in the second phase of this week's South County Food Fight. We have our finalists, gathered here and on Facebook. Now, it's time to vote. Who do you think serves the best coffee in South County?

Our finalists consist of three local places and one chain:

The Sunset Hills java joint is right in the path of last year's tornado that devastated some nearby businesses, but Wired Coffee survived the destruction and caters to an active clientele.

Perk It Up:  It's the hot spot in Oakville for a cuppa Joe.

: Some people think the coffee tastes better from a revolving stool at a lunch counter where you can watch the cooks sling the hash.

When some people crave a hot and strong cup of coffee, the familiar White Castle burger joint is the place they go.

The decision of the top coffee spot is now up to you. You'll have until 5 p.m. Friday to vote for your favorite java joint in this Food Fight. We'll announce the winner on Saturday morning.

Thanks, and as always, happy eating and drinking!


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