Inauguration with Some Friends pt. 2

Day 2 of our 3-day trip to The Nation's Capitol, and the day we finally got to see the President, well sort of.

     Day 2: The alarm went off at 4 AM, I rolled out of bed and landed on the hotel room floor with a thud. A moan of anger and exhaustion was emitted from my room mate Kyle as he struggled to get up out of bed. I almost crawled my way into the bathroom and turned on the water and splashed some in my face to wake myself up. I slid my way into the shower, almost forgetting to take my boxers off in the process, and washed myself and woke up. I put clean boxers on and walked out into the hotel room and had a thought cross my mind, "This is definately not the hour of the living." I put some clothes on as my room mates showered and got dressed and I headed downstairs to the dining room. The room was awake with practically the living dead, you could've heard a pin drop. I slowly ate a bowl of cereal and went back up to the room and put on my hoodie and thick coat. I then proceeded to stuff my pockets with fiber bars, fruit snacks, and even some chewing gum.

     My room mate David brought his ziplock bag of assorted snacks and other room mate Kyle, brought Cheez-its, some granola bars, and some My Little Pony fruit snacks. We proceeded then to get on the bus, ride to the parade route, get off the bus, almost get lost going through the line to security, went through security, and finally reached the place where we would stand for 5 hours until we saw the president. The elements were really starting to take a toll on us as 9 AM rolled around. The icy wind was biting at our cheeks and most of us had huddled together like penguins. 

     When Noon came around, the sun hung high above our heads as if it was trying to warm us up, but couldn't through all the cloudcover. Most of us had gotten a turkey sandwich or some Tai food at meals on wheels. Around 3 PM, the President's motorcade rolls by slowly and Michelle Obama is clear through the window of the side she's on. She locked eyes with me and we both waved and exchanged smiles and there she went away. 

     After the parade was over, we all compared photographs of the bands and the President's motocade and such. We then went to Arlington National Cemetary. Arlington was a battleground for the civil-war. If you've been To Jefferson-Barracks, you know what it's like to see those thousand sand white tombstones, in perfect rows every which way you look. There's almost a creepy feeling how well they are set up. After Arlington we stopped by a few monuments such as the Iwo Jima memorial and paid our respects. 


     The third and final day of our trip was coming. All of us were extremely excited for the Segway tour around D.C. There would be a problem though, I myself was the only one in all 36 of us who'd ever rode a Segway. This could either be really amusing, or really scary.

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Lindsay Toler February 04, 2013 at 11:40 PM
Whoa, I love that moment where you lock eyes with Michelle! Thanks for sharing, Cameron. You're a great writer.


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