7 Unusual Things at Walmart To Hang on Your Christmas Tree

What's Christmas without a moose hanging on your tree?

For most families, decorating the Christmas tree is a personal exercise. Branches are filled with kid's ornaments made through the year at school, or items that carry a sentimental value. Some ornaments reflect the decorator's personality or interests, like the glass pickle that hangs on the tree, or the golf ball ornament that has a cherished place each year.

If you're looking for something other than those boring glass balls, or the Christmas balls to adorn your tree, here's a selection of odd and unusual things at Walmart to hang on the tree this year:

Merry Christmoose -- Looking a lot like a hedgehog with antlers, the Christmas moose is available for $1.97.

St. Louis Cardinals Gnome Game -- Sporting a St. Louis Cardinals on his cap, this rotund little gnome looks a lot like Jason Motte might appear with a large, bushy white beard and mustache. $6.98.

Cupcakery - Those who want to  hang a decorative cupcake on the tree have a couple of choices - either a glass ornament version or a softer felt version. 98 cents or $1.97.

Peacock - Nothing says Christmas more than a peacock on your tree. The colorful ornament is $1.97.

Bridal Department - The Sock Monkey is an iconic toy that has survived the plush toy wars over the years. You can say "I do" to the bridal version of the familiar toy with a Sock Monkey Bride ornament. $2.97.

Department of Redundancy Department - It's a lot like wrapping up a gift already in a gift bag, but for redundancy sake, there are plenty of tree ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree. $1.97.

The Aroma of the Season - One big Christmas debate each year is whether to have a fresh-cut tree or a pre-lit artificial tree as the centerpiece for your Christmas decorations. There are advocates and detractors for each, but you can retain the fresh pine smell on an artificial tree with an item called Scentsicles. Much like the odor eater you hang from your car's rear view mirror, Scentsicles promise a fresh-cut smell on your artificial tree.  $6.48.

What about your Christmas tree? Do you have any treasured ornaments that make an appearance each year? Share by using the "comments" button below.


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