Affton and Shrewsbury Remember September 11

Patch editor Lindsay Toler gathers remembrances and stories from Affton and Shrewsbury.

September is an emotional, introspective time of year for me. It's an anniversary of sorts. Eleven years ago, on that fateful day that changed our country and the world as I knew it, I decided to become a journalist.

I wrote my story for a website called Intersect a year ago, for the 10-year anniversary, and as I went through draft after draft, I was reminded of an important lesson: Everyone (over the age of 15) has their own September 11 story. And each story is a vital-yet-painful piece of our American identity.

Here's my story: The Day I Discovered Who I Am.

And here are the stories of first responders we interviewed last year:

Update: Today, .

If you're looking for a place to share your own thoughts about September 11, I know I'd love to read them. Here's how to publish them on Patch.

  1. Go to our Blog Central.
  2. Click the 'Post on Patch' button.
  3. Write and publish your remembrance instantly.

If you have questions or problems, email me at Lindsay.Toler@patch.com or call me at 314-452-2641.

And because September 11 reminds us to be vigilant against future attacks, here's a


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