Affton Children Read Aloud to Furry Friends

On Saturday the Whiskers and Tales program visited the Tesson Ferry Branch of the St. Louis County Library.

On Saturday, children gathered at the of the St. Louis County Library to read out loud to some of the best listeners around—a group of therapy dogs and cats.

Whiskers and Tales, a group of volunteers and therapy animals, have been reading with children across Missouri since 2000. Whiskers and Tales is an extension of the Love on a Leash program, which trains and assists dogs and cats in providing pet therapy.

As a part of Whiskers and Tales, the pet therapy animals and their owners work together one-on-one with children to provide a unique reading experience. 

"Some children feel self-conscious about reading out loud," Whiskers and Tales worker Michelle Cardosi said. "For some reason, they have no trouble reading to an animal, though. And a lot of these children might not have pets at home."

Cardosi said she cannot count the number of times her cat, Cleo, has heard The Cat In The Hat. 

"If it helps a child to read, though, it's worth it," Cardosi said.

Katy 'Sensenig' Schilthuis July 22, 2011 at 06:50 PM
Terrific article! You should check out The Bedtime Book for Dogs from author Bruce Littlefield. This is a new and fun way to involve your pets in your daily routine – read to your pups, or let your young child read to your pups [because studies show that when kiddos read to animals, their skills increase 30% faster than those who don’t!]. You can find the book on Amazon!


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