Affton & Shrewsbury, What Are We Thankful For?

Gather around my metaphorical Patch dining room table and share the blessings and gifts you and our community have received this year. I'll go first.


What am I thankful for?

My health, first of all. A year ago, I was evacuated from the teeny-tiny country of Moldova with a long list of strange health problems. Now, after a lot of work with my team of doctors, a personal trainer, my friend and my family, I obtained a diagnosis of Crohn's disease and I'm working to bring my disease under control. There's nothing like a health problem to teach you how precious health really is.

I'm also greatful for my puppy, Persie. (See the picture??) She's my first dog, and I'm still learning how to manage all her energy. But I love her, and I'm glad the boyfriend and I brought her into our home.

And I'm immensely thankful to be employed and doing a job I'm passionate about: sharing meaningful, valuable stories with YOU!

Your turn! What are you thankful for? Tell me in the comments!


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