South County Obituaries and Funeral Notices: Jan. 19-25

The following is a list of obituaries posted by funeral homes near Affton and Shrewsbury.

Fey Funeral Home (South County)

Margaret Heida

Heiligtag-Lang-Fendler Funeral Home (Arnold) 

Monica Pekarek 

J.B. Smith Funeral Home (Fenton)

Mildred Ellingham
Joanne Smith
Mariann Fitts
Barbara Gastreich
Lillith Heider

Kutis Funeral Home (Affton) 

Lena Betz
Audrey J. Boll
Judy A. Ganz
Ursula Elizabeth Gruber
Marie S. Heck

* For additional passings, visit Kutis Funeral Home's website.

Kutis Funeral Home (South County)

Dorothy C. Brouk
Patrick H. Brown
Roger Lee Burlingame
Jesse F. Coleman
Mary K. Davis

* For additional passings, visit Kutis Funeral Home's website.


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