Gun Control More or Less Likely After Colorado?

The St. Louis area represents both extremes in the debate in a single week.

There's no way to avoid it. The gun control debate re-emerges with every shooting like the one on Friday morning in Aurora, CO: A man kills 12 and wounds more than 50 in a movie theater at a premiere of the latest Batman movie, "The Dark Knight Rises."

On one end of the gun debate, Missouri Rep. John McCaherty (R-90th District), of High Ridge, is set to . The rifle is a legally owned AR15 rifle that was given to him by the NRA.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the debate over guns — legal or otherwise — only two mayors in the area have joined Mayors Against Illegal Guns: St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay and University City Mayor Shelley Welsch. (It should be noted, however, that the Washington Post reported the guns at the Colorado crime scene were purchased legally.)

A lot will need to be sorted out in Aurora over the next few weeks.

But this raises the question again: Do you think events like this make stronger gun control laws more or less likely? Is it worthwhile to have the discussion, or are the various points of view too far apart?

Marc Perez December 29, 2012 at 05:07 PM
The armed citizen is the ever present deterrent to the armed assailant. Then seconds count the police are just minutes away. I have nothing but the most admiration for law enforcement, but they cannot be everywhere all the time. NO, not everyone should carry a firearm. Those who chose to be responsible for their own safety, their own lives should not be “denied” that right. If some one does not believe in the rights of the Constitution, The Bil of Rights, freedom and liberty given to us by our founding fathers I certainly will not change their minds. Liberty lost is very difficult to regain. The 2nd amendment is the onlt assurance we will keep the 1st amendment. If you doubt that, you have never learned the lessons of histroy. Here like else where the lessons of history can repeat themselves. Don't believe it? Think again.
ReverePaul December 29, 2012 at 08:48 PM
so basically you just gave me a bs answer and are hiding behind the second amendment like the NRA and some Republicans
Marc Perez December 29, 2012 at 09:10 PM
What is that about? I stnd for the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Good reading, you should check it out. They are the foundation for our Republic. Obviously a lot of people haven't done that in a long time. Maybe they skipped that class.
ReverePaul December 29, 2012 at 09:18 PM
The way I see it, your standing for an amendment that leads to thousands of deaths every year. Yea responsible people have guns, but thousands of others aren't responsible and use guns to kill. Look up how many gun related deaths there are in the U.S. compared to other civilized nations. Obviously people haven't done that in a long time.
Rich Pope December 29, 2012 at 09:33 PM
I heard a sheriff speaking on the radio today. He wants teachers to have the option of conceal and carry. Do you know how bad of an idea this is? There are teachers who can't handle an angry parent on the phone let alone handle a firearm. Anyone who knows anything about elementary school teachers knows most of them are on anti-depressants just to handle the stress of their jobs. Do you really want them to have concealed weapons? BAD IDEA!


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