Letter to the Editor: Vote Bob Burns for 93rd District

Bob and Karen Baumgartner explain why they're supporting Bob Burns as a candidate for the Missouri House of Representatives.

Bob Burns is without a doubt, the best possible choice for the Missouri House of Representatives 93rd District representative.  His work ethic, honesty, and genuine concern for getting to the core of issues make him the perfect candidate! 

Bob and his wife Dianne have been role model citizens as they have been involved with the Affton school board, provided day care services for countless children over the last 40 years, and generally being the ones to count on when support is needed.  Bob Burns is the person to turn to when you need a voice to speak for you. He listens to people, and responds with compassion by speaking for those he represents. 

We want to take this opportunity to thank Bob Burns for all of the services he has provided to the community, and especially being an inspiration on how to live one’s life the proper way, with purpose, enthusiasm, and a code of conduct second to none.  We cannot think of a more reputable person to represent the people of the 93rd district, and we totally support Bob in his campaign to serve the people of the Missouri.

—Bob and Karen Baumgartner
Engineer, Teacher, and parents of children cared for by the Burns’

Editor's Note: The 93rd District represents parts of Mehlville, Lemay and Affton.


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