Affton Voters Approve Tax Hike for Additional Ambulance

The fire district will use the 26 cent increase to reduce the load on its overtaxed current ambulance.

, and Affton residents came out to strongly support the Affton Fire Protection District’s Proposition A, a 26 cent property tax increase to pay for adding a second ambulance to the district.

“It was a pretty big win,” said Affton Fire Captain Ben Waser, who helped organize the Yes on A campaign.

Prop A passed with 2,433 ‘yes’ votes, about 62 percent of the total. Waser said Tuesday evening that voters he met at the polls were very positive about the tax increase.

“The huge majority of people said ‘Yup, there’s a need, we support you,’” Waser said. “They were outwardly saying ‘we are 100 percent behind you.’”

The tax increase will bring in $1.27 million in revenue, which Chief Jim Fritz said would be used to add an additional ambulance to Affton Fire's fleet and hire six new staff to man it. The district’s community-based strategic planning committee decided that a second ambulance was necessary to handle the growing number of EMS calls in the district. .

“We are ready to move on and look at how we are going to make this ambulance a reality,” Waser said.

Firefighters and Prop A supporters gathered to watch results and celebrate at Café Affton Tuesday evening. Waser said the crowd was very excited about the win.

“The biggest thing is, everyone is so exhausted. Most of us were at polls for 13 hours today,” Waser said. “The greatest thing about all of it was that so many of these elections end up bitter and angry. Even the opposition was so cordial today, just saying they didn’t think it was the right time or they couldn’t afford it right now…That’s what’s so great about the Affton community.”

Randy Not April 06, 2012 at 06:20 AM
I don't have a clue how this passed, my wife and I voted against it. I have been out of work for over 2 years now, my unemployment has run out and we are barely hanging on her modest salary. We love the area but are afraid that we could loose our home, even a small tax increase might be what causes us to become homeless. I can barely afford groceries for my family of 5 and you are worried about a second ambulance, SHAME ON YOU!!!! Maybe we could use the new ambulance when one of my children starves to death. Affton firefighters don't have to worry, you have a freakin good/stable job, as far as I am concerned YOU CAN GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!!!


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