Blue Tongue Diseased Deer Found in Affton

A deer found in Affton was likely infected with Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease, also known as Blue Tongue Disease, a generally terminal affliction present in the deer population statewide.

Police euthanized an adult white-tailed deer suffering from blue tongue disease and stuck under the bridge at Green Park Road and Reavis Barracks Road last month.

Residents reported the deer, which was unable to stand and stayed stuck under the bridge for more than a day, to the Bi-state Wildlife Hotline, a 24/7 hotline to assist the public with wildlife conflicts, questions, rescues and rehabilitation, on Nov. 24.

Hotline officials went to the scene, where the deer was clearly having seizures, probably due to blue tongue disease, more specifically known as Hemorrhagic Disease, is a general term for epizootic hemorrhagic disease and bluetongue virus, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation. Both diseases are closely related, have similar clinical signs and are spread by a small, biting midge fly. White-tailed, mule and black-tailed deer all are susceptible. 

Read more in the Wildlife Hotline weekly call log blog.

When hotline officials saw the deer was having seizures probably due to blue tongue, they called the St. Louis County Police's Affton Precinct and had the deer euthanized.

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