No Pay, No Play: Akin TV Ads Canceled

Television ads for Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin have been canceled after Akin's campaign failed to pay the whole bill, Talking Points Memo reports.

Rep. Todd Akin is facing a new round of bad publicity today after reports have emerged that he has failed to pay for his television advertising on time.

Talking Points Memo reports the Akin campaign’s TV ad buy with KOMU, a NBC affiliate in Columbia, was canceled.

According to KMOX, the campaign had paid the first half of the buy, but the station did not receive the other half. KOMU also said that it has confirmed that other stations have been put in the same position.

Sarah Mcadoo, an accounting assistant for KSHB-TV in Kansas City, confirmed to KOMU that Akin's ads had been pulled from their log. The Akin campaign told KOMU that the payment is forthcoming.

According to the KOMU story, Ryan Hite, campaign spokesman for Todd Akin, said: 

"Our media buyers are constantly adjusting our strategy according to different media markets in Missouri. According to my understanding of this specific instance, air time was reserved, an initial payment was made, and when their ad schedule was set in stone, the other final portion of the payment is being sent tomorrow."

This follows on the heels of Akin's . He has lost the financial backing of several national sources. 

Conservative super  from the Missouri Senate race. Crossroads had been spending money on ads against McCaskill.

Jim Bain September 11, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Just proves elections are bought.


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