Obama, McCaskill Win Affton High School Mock Election

Affton High School students voted in a mock election Monday, casting their own ballot for the national and local candidates and issues.

Even if they can't vote, Affton High School students had their voices heard during Monday's mock election.

The students and staff cast their ballots during social studies classes on all national, state and local candidates and issues that appear on the November 2012 ballot.

For an overview of the races, check out the Affton-Shrewsbury Patch Voters' Guide.

Here are the results:


460 Obama, 21 Johnson, 253 Romney, 14 Goode

U.S. Senator

478 McCaskill, 39 Dine, 129 Akin

U.S. Representative

Clay 450, Cunningham 39, Hamlin 186


Nixon 424, Spence 162, Higgins 56

Lieutenant Governor

Davis 25, Copple 42, Kinder 220, Montee 353

Missouri Attorney General

Koster 427, Browning 53, Martin 163

Secretary of State

Kander 415, Spragins 41, Schoeller 157


Zweifel 423,  McNary 168,  O'Toole 48

State Senator

Lembeke 197, Sifton 441

State Representative

Burns 455, Leech 183


SJR 51 No 406, Yes 224

Prop A No 291, Yes 341

Prop B No 215,  Yes 424

SB 464 No 316, Yes 319

Prop L No 337,  Yes 306

Prop S No 313, Yes 329


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