Patch Catches up to Scott Sifton on Election Day

Sifton's campaign let Patch know when and where he'd be voting, so we got a pic and a few words.

Missouri Senate 1st District candidate Scott Sifton voted at Lutheran South High School, in Affton this morning, and gave Patch a heads up.

He said he was going to a nursing home after voting, getting a bite to eat, then spending the rest of the day outside polls before the watch party at Genesis Banquet Center.

After that (if he wins, Patch asked), he’ll show up for work at his law office.

“I’ll be at my desk as long as I can, and probably taking a lot of calls and reaching out,” Sifton said. “Obviously we’ve got a lot of legislation we want to get pulled together.

He said there’s work to do on bills, as 96th Distric Rep., that were in progress at the end of the session.

“Even though I’ve done quite a bit in the house, the senate is that much more because there’s one fifth the people to do the work,” he said. “There will be a lot of intense study the next month or two as we gear up for session.”

Sifton is running for the seat against incumbent, Jim Lembke.




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