Todd Akin Document at City Hall Prompts Electioneering Concerns

A sharp-eyed reader noted that a non-election related proclamation from Todd Akin's congressional office was in a glass display class a few feet from voting lines.

The proclamation pictured above and featuring Todd Akin's name was found just a few feet from the line of Chesterfield residents waiting to vote at city hall this morning.

The framed document appears to be several years old and not related to any election campaign. It's part of a glass display in the lobby of Chesterfield City Hall that bears other awards and announcements.

A sharp-eyed voter pointed out its location to Chesterfield Patch, concerned that it might be violating laws that prohibit electioneering within 25 feet of a polling place. 

Precinct supervisor Kevin Gracey said the document, although small and not official campaign literature, would properly need to be taken down or covered up. However, he said he would wait to make a decision until the issue could be reviewed by the county's election judges, who are expected to visit the polling station this afternoon. 

Chesterfield City Clerk Judy Naggiar said it was not the city's call. 

"The election board was going to look into it and get back to us if it was an issue," she said. 

The document in question is an proclamation honoring the construction of the Chesterfield City Hall building and was issued from Todd Akin in his capacity as the U.S. Congressman from Missouri's 2nd District. 

Patch will bring more updates on this story as it develops. 

Dennis Broadbooks November 06, 2012 at 10:13 PM
I sincerely hope & pray this is the most significant issue our St Louis Co Election Board faces today.
Frank Johnson November 06, 2012 at 10:49 PM
Me too. In a close election like this is bound to be, the integrity of the vote will be of great importance.


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