Stenger: Value Village Gives Up on Move to Affton

County Councilman Steve Stenger told Patch the lease has been dissolved.

Affton residents who said they don't need one more thrift store will get their way, apparently.

Value Village, which will likely be forced out of its Kenrick Plaza location by an incoming Walmart had wanted to move to 10040-42 Gravois Road.

Now it looks like the move will not happen.

A Patch article on the possible move has generated almost 40 comments, most of them against the thrift store move.

A rezoning was needed, and District 6 St. Louis County Councilman Steve Stenger needed to OK it, which he opposed.

On Monday he told Patch that Value Village has “dissolved the lease, or avoided getting into a lease, and they’re moving in a different direction.”

Value Village had a petition with over 3,000 signatures to hopefully convince Stenger to allow the move, but mention of the petition is no longer on the company’s website.

Calls to Value Village president, Robert West, were not immediately returned on Monday.

Though Stenger publicly opposed the move, he said on Monday it wasn't for personal reasons.

“The community reached out to me and let me know in really no uncertain terms that they did not want the thrift store,” he said.

He said there’s too many thrift stores and check cashing stores in the South County area.

“You can’t rely on just those types of businesses for economic development alone, so the community spoke, and because I represent the community, I was really just a conduit, relaying what the community believed,” Stenger said.

He said an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch framed the issue as the community saying “we want better. We want more.

“I don’t think there’s anything inappropriate about a community wanting something better,” he said.

Stenger said, speaking for the community, “They’re looking for something that is just different than another thrift store or another check cashing place. They’re looking for some real economic development, and something that will add to the community.”

PaulRevere April 30, 2013 at 06:24 PM
Memo: TO STENGER Want to know why decent valuable , more professional businesses are NOT moving into AFFTON? or Many MOVING OUT? TAXES!!!! at $9.50 per hundred for the commercial building, businesses building a $400,000 piece of property pay the (HIGHEST REAL ESTATE TAXES IN THE COUNTY). Pure and as simple an explanation of yours' and AFFTON's Problems. Want more shocking numbers? That business building would have a Property TAX =$12,160 per year. A similar valued home of $400,000 in Affton (If you can find one!) TAX = $7,220 $5,000 Difference is because commercial property pays on 32% of the value. Residents' Homes pays on 19% of the value. So, until AFFTON gets their massive school tax rates under control, they will have a hard time luring long-term valuable buildings that can TAX cost $$Thousands$$ more than equivalent residential property. There are just too many adjacent communities with tax rates almost 50% of AFFTON's. It will get worse. So, be warned, (Affton residents), any more Tax rate increases will lose more businesses. Affton is not $ Friendly to business property. Most accountants would be foolish to suggest their client move to AFFTON.
Larry Stone May 01, 2013 at 05:44 AM
Chris P I truly hope you get your wish...I think "LOWER" KENRICK is just where V V needs to stay. It belongs in Shrewsbury just down from the recently tiffed Wal-Mart.where they'll be peddling Chinese-made low end goods made in sweat shops. And to PaulRevere....you lost any credibility in the first line of your e-mail with your inappropriate salutation for addressing an elected public official. No...wait...that credibility was lost with the use of a pseudonym in lieu of your name...kind of like Chris P seems to have totally lost his last name. I still may not agree with what you have each posted, but I, and more than a few others, could perhaps take you more seriously if you demonstrated your convictions by signing comments with you legal names. Just saying!
Chris Mallie May 01, 2013 at 10:13 AM
Yawn. And your compadres were all talking about the need for high end clothing retailers in Affton - like that will ever happen - which will (get this!) peddle Chinese made goods made in sweat shops! Yea, you really avoided that bullet. I think I see why Affton is lined with quick cash stores, seedy dive joins, and, now, one more vacant storefront. It's just about right for the population that thinks they can dictate who sets up shop in their community. One of your pals even suggested that Affton (whatever power a census-designated place like 'Affton' has) not allow the owner to lease the space for five or ten years! Yes, the owner needs to pay taxes on the property that entire time, with no income, simply in order to wait for high-end retailers to move in. The logic is inexplicable. Yea, you all will reap what you sow. Enjoy your vacant, crumbling strip mall. (BTW, nobody cares what kind of credibility you think anyone has. You either listen to facts, or you don't.)
PaulRevere May 02, 2013 at 11:07 PM
OK Larry, You win! My Real Name is------- ====================Christopher Columbus! Only because I am Italian. My My how the Elitist "elected officials" want to be addressed, while they respond to letters from the people with no regard to the "Topic at hand". I don't expect any personal response from Stenger. He need not heed my advice, that's his choice. The community here, now knows why AFFTON will have growth problems. Stenger now knows that. Hopefully, our School Boards know that. In the words of that famous President GW, "soon, all of you will hear from the people". So Larry, You and those "more than few others" need not take anything seriously. Just keep a copy of the comments--- as they one by one will start to come true. I'll be happy to be cited as (Mr anonymous!). Why do I sense the Truth is starting to pain you. Especially since your only critique is "Official addressing" and My real name. Seriously, I am Serious about what I write. No name calling, no cursing, but informal. We actually have comment boards at work. Suggestions with no Names. Just numbers. So, a piece of advice to you. Never judge a suggestion by it's author's name, only it's viability. You may make more$'s doing that. There is truth in everything I wrote to Stenger.
PaulRevere May 02, 2013 at 11:23 PM
Another "DINER" opening on Gravois? Who knows. We need another Eatery! Maybe, Affton could re-introduce itself on that cable show--"Diners,Diners, and Dives". That's what we need, more Publicity, that will draw MACY's to open up on Gravois. Actually, Affton's gun control laws would outlaw the use of any "MAC-e". Just having some fun , people. Don't start peeling me again! Please.


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