Back To School: Welcome to New Lindbergh Teachers

Here's a look at the new teachers who will debut in the Lindbergh Schools today.

Beth Johnston, director of communications for the Lindbergh School District, provides a look at the new teachers in the district this year.

Lindbergh’s newest educators include: (front row, from left) Lacey Rauschenbach, third grade, Concord Elementary School; Kara Flinn, class size reduction teacher, Sappington Elementary School; Sarah Elbaum, Special School District, Concord; Melissa Darch, modern language, Sperreng Middle School; Chelsea Simon, science, Sperreng; Kellsie Fink, kindergarten, Long Elementary School; Leanne Correnti, kindergarten, Long; Carolyn Marks, SSD, Truman Middle School; Ashley Lock, social studies, Lindbergh High School; Tracey Handal Clark, physical education and health, Truman; Jocelyn Schuh, SSD, LHS; Ty Cochran, business education, LHS; (second row, from left) Shinita Houston, SSD, LHS; Bonnie Jones, third grade, Concord; Chelsey Niemeyer, third grade, Sappington; Ruth Donnelly, SSD, Crestwood; Elizabeth Hageman, math intervention, Sappington; Jessica Heitmann, language and math teacher assistant, Sappington; (third row, from left) Amy Sears, librarian, Sperreng; Maria Clancy, third grade, Sappington; Brigid James, SSD, Kennerly Elementary School; Jessica Winkle, math, LHS; Melanie Deru, physical science, LHS; Alan Kingsland, math intervention, Crestwood; Scott Mulvaney, SSD, district; (fourth row, from left) Drew Crimson, math, Truman; Bridget Moriarty, language arts, Truman; Christy Helmsing, first grade, Crestwood; Julie Bergin, fourth grade, Sappington; Alyse Greteman, first grade, Concord; Alex Ball, health, LHS; Daniel Hutti, modern language, Truman; Steve Schmitz, fifth grade, Sappington; Krista Branding, fourth grade, Crestwood; Beth Kennedy, third grade, Crestwood. Not pictured: Rita Capelton, SSD, Concord; Stefanie Giacopelli, SSD, Sappington; Justin Cange, English language arts, LHS.

Welcome, teachers!


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