Last Lessons: Share Parting Wisdom with Graduating Seniors

Before our new graduates leave Clayton to continue their education or join the workforce and military, Patch invites you to share one final piece of advice, wisdom or encouragement with the class of 2013.

The school year has come to a close, and our graduates of the class of 2013 are preparing for the next steps in their lives. Before our Clayton High School seniors graduate tonight and head off for college, work or the military, we want to offer them one last piece of wisdom...from you! Share your thoughts with new grads by posting a "Letter to the Graduates" on Patch.
 Here's how: Look for the green button that says ‘start a blog.’

Give your blog a name. This isn't a headline or the title of a blog post - it's just the name of your blog! 

Choose a blog icon from the icons available, or upload your own photo. Then click ‘create your blog.’ 
You've created your blog! Now you can start to post:
Underneath the title of your blog, find the white rectangle that says "Write a new post..." When you click here, you'll get two options for posting:
  • Note - A note is just a sentence or two, maybe a photo. It's kind of like a status update on Facebook! 
  • Article - Have a little more to say or lots of photos to share? Click the word "Article" to see a field for the title and body of your post. Make sure your headline is something readers will want to click! 
You can choose - post instantly or save as a draft so you can post later. Once you hit the "Post Now" button, your blog post is live!

Questions? Problems? Email Lindsay.Toler@patch.com or call 314-452-2641. Can’t wait to read your first post!
Congratulations to all the graduates and their families!


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