"Lindbergh Fight Club" Clips Surface in Video Report

Lindbergh schools students who were "engaging in a real life fight club" had posted clips on YouTube and a now-defunct Facebook page. A news show says many were over the affection of girls.

An online TV news show published footage of , now known as the "Lindbergh fights" videos.

The original videos were removed from their original postings on Facebook and YouTube as Lindbergh High School parents and school officials learned of the videos, which were not shot on school grounds or during school hours.

St. Louis Police announced last week they were investigating the Facebook group after an anonymous parent alerted the school district. A representative with the Lindbergh School District told Patch principals had identified some of the participants, and don't believe any of the fights occurred on school property. Police and school officials continue to look into the incident. 

A video produced by The Young Turks Network features cell phone footage of students "engaging in a real life fight club." In many instances, these students fought over girls, according to the report. 

principal Dr. Ronald Holms confirmed in the video that administrators were reaching out to the families of these students.

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