Meet Sperreng Middle School's New Science Teacher

Chelsea Simon, a new addition to Lindbergh schools, loves "The Hunger Games" and David Freese!

Lindbergh Schools recently announced that  joined the district for the 2012-2013 school year. Each day, Patch will introduce readers to one of these new educators.

Today meet the new 8th grade science teacher at .


Name:  Chelsea Simon

New position: Eighth grade science at Sperreng Middle School

Professional background : B.S. Education from University of Missouri

What's your most prized possession on your desk, in your office or workspace? My David Freese bobblehead!

Favorite year of school as a student: 5th grade

Favorite movie that takes place at a school: “Remember the Titans”

Favorite non-required reading: “The Hunger Games”

When you’re not teaching, you’re ____:  Outdoors


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