Mesnier Primary Students Say Goodbye With Pie

As a prize for completing more than 300,000 minutes of reading, students threw pies at Principal Steve Brotherton.

With Principal Steve Brotherton as superintendent, l knew they wanted to say goodbye in a special way.

"Dr. Bortherton wouldn't kiss a pig or shave his head or wear a costume or go on the roof. Eventually we landed on this," said Mesnier librarian Laverene Sebben, who oversaw the pie-in-the-face planning.

Sebben said that it's difficult to get students excited about reading in the last month of school, and they wanted to offer a great incentive for the students. It was decided that the class who read for the most minutes between April 31 and May 31 would get to throw pies at Brotherton.

Pam Hogan's second-grade class read for more than 17,000 minutes that month, and as an extra incentive, Mrs. Hogan agreed to allow her top six readers to throw a pie at her as well.

"We had lots of incentives as a class," said Hogan. "Some people call incentives bribing, but I don't consider incentives bad at all when it comes to reading."


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