Affton, Mehlville Fire Districts Working Together During Heat Wave

The districts support each other to protect firefighters during fires in Affton, Mehlville, Oakville and Sunset Hills.

and are working together during this week’s heat wave.

Captain Ben Waser told Affton Patch that the districts are prepared to provide extra manpower at fires to keep firefighters safe during this week’s 100-degree temperatures.

During fires, firefighters work in shifts—some working hoses or helping residents while the next group prepares to step in. With today’s high temperature forecast at 106 degrees, it could take longer for firefighters to recover after their first shift.

"There’s only a certain amount of work a guy can do in extreme heat," Waser said. “There’s no escaping the heat. A guy can’t recover.”

Waser also had some tips for staying safe in extreme heat.

“Be sensible in the high heat, low humidity times,” Waser said. “If you have to do something, do it in the early morning. Stay hydrated.”


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