Cooling Centers to Beat the Heat in the St. Louis Area

Where to go near Affton and Shrewsbury to get some cool.

Written by Kurt Greenbaum.

Fortunately, we've had a relatively mild St. Louis summer so far, but it looks like that might end, at least for this week. If you need to cool down, here's a map to help you find a spot to do that.

The locations on the map above are drawn from a database of cooling centers throughout Missouri, compiled by the state's Data Portal, a collection of public records and databases.

The 110 locations listed on this map span locations in St. Charles, St. Louis and Jefferson counties, as well as the city of St. Louis.

The locations in Affton and Shrewsbury are:
  • Shrewsbury Senior Center, 7677 Watson Road
  • St Louis County Library Weber Road Branch, 4444 Weber Road
  • Affton Senior Center, 9801 Mackenzie Road
Click on any of the dots on the map to see the address, phone number and hours of operation for each location. You can also use the map tools on the left to zoom in or out of the map, or to move the map from side to side or up and down.

Looking to check in on the forecast? Here's a link to general St. Louis weather from Weather.com.


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