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Superintendent of Schools Dr. Steve Brotherton welcomes Nixon to Affton. Credit: Affton School District
Larry Darragh September 30, 2013 at 03:02 pm
Paul, You want the state to fund 100% of public education? With what revenue would they do this?Read More Currently, the state of Missouri funds only 10.95% of the Affton district. 85.47% comes from local revenue sources. And how, exactly, do those schools who spend a mere $5K/student accomplish this? I need credible sources from you in order to see your side of this discussion. No sources = no proof = no reason to take what you say seriously.
Paul Revere October 1, 2013 at 01:39 pm
Larry: It's not what I want, it's the constitution of Missouri. Please read it at "Free PublicRead More schools". What does "free" mean to you. You keep asserting "It costs". "Free public school Education" now has massive local taxes because of several major reasons. #1 is Pensions, Auditoriums, Tracks, Athletics,Swim Pools, Transportation, Free lunches. It never was intended to "State support such non-education amenities". Trying to emulate those who privately support gyms etc at their own expense is WHY local taxes are now a major part of "Free public schools". Affton's budget is about $28mil+- I estimate Affton pays about $18mil in Wages/benefits. (I cannot confirm that as unable to get the details-no time) That leaves $10mil for the "Children" for our "Free P.S." There is at least $6mil going for union styled costs. That's my conclusions. As far as $5k tuitions. go , why is it important for you to know HOW they do it. Fact is, your child can receive excellent reading Writing , math skills for $5,000 tuition---NOT $10,508 tuition. It stops after 8 years ($40k total education cost) It's a fact and many local elementary schools will accept your child for less. Not one cent of their tuition support comes from you! $5k X 240 students = $1.2mil max operating budget. They do not have $200k superintendents. They do not have teachers retiring at age 58. No pensions of 29% annually for pays. Do you know that a union P.S. teacher at affton who earns $55,000 actually Costs us (the taxpayer) an additional 14.5 pension $'s directly sent to the unions. (that is $8,000 per year) Teachers, I believe also take an additional 14.5% out of their gross and send that to the union pensions. (that's another $8,000) ALL THAT $16,000 comes from LOCAL taxation. They should be sending 7.65% for soc sec tax instead. The worker pay is $55k minus 7.65%. That Larry is absurd. Every raise adds to the pensions of 29%. That is what the community is not told , nor understand. All this was provided in my previous comments-- So, if you want to support Education at $10,508 per child, please do so with your own money. It is time to force teachers into the soc security system, like all other workers who pay the taxes for their pays. By avoiding soc sec taxes, MO teachers do not pay one-cent of America's deficit needs. They are vultures who love seeing property values Go up only because their pay is based on another's wealth. Their pay is based on those who never use their service. Lindbergh or Mehlville and Affton collect Tax from residents who are over age 50 with incomes under $40,000. They are actually taxing away whatever wealth that family has. Taxing A home value does not consider the ability/affordability by those who need every cent of income to survive. You should not be asking how non-public schools do it. You should be asking WHY Public schools have a tuition cost that is double what education should cost. I promote P.S. be "free" to anyone not earning over $50,000. Simple? No local Tax should be collected form those people. To force those people to pay for union wages while they never earned a union wage for an education is absurd. Do you know businesses pay "double" the Property Tax amount than individuals pay?. Is that fair? Why? Why should a business pay 2X the amount than individuals. I have written much and you continue to ignore the "Point" rather choosing to nit-pik. Point is, you have no rebuttal, so you want proof of numbers that are publicly available---IF YOU READ THE PAPERS. (Like Post Dispatch or "The CALL" All have published the wages and pensions. 30 teachers, superv were recently posted in the call.Every one of them were in excess of $100K earnings. That is why our schools cost $11k per child.
Larry Darragh October 2, 2013 at 09:01 am
The "Free pubic education" concept -- who is claiming that it's free? You keep using it asRead More a straw man argument, and I'm not sure as to why, because we're both in agreement that schools cost money. I also agree that the annual costs for administration are obscenely high, and it's also amazing that there are some teachers who earn such a high wage (I'd like to know the district's justification for this). Other than that, you still float the idea of a $5000/student cost, but you cannot substantiate your claim with any evidence how this works. Also, your idea that education is just "reading, writing, and math" is untenable, and shows that you have no idea of how to develop a child and his/her mind. Perhaps you might investigate the important role that athletics, the arts, forensics, and other activities has on intellectual development?
Robbie Klemme September 9, 2013 at 07:53 am
Ahh, young naivety.
Johann Aff September 9, 2013 at 10:12 am
Girls in hot pants. Always good for 2nd graders!