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Hi all :)  This is my first time ever blogging so please bare with me!  I love all things social media so I think I eventually will get the hang of this!  I originially thought I wanted to blog about new recipes and whether they were delicious or not but then my boss at work approached me to blog on behalf of the Affton Early Childhood Center and I thought this sounded more perfect for me!  If you don't know me already I am one of the half day preschool teachers at the Affton Early Childhood Center.  I believe that teaching is in my blood as I come from a long line of teachers!  My grandfather was a high school principal, my grandmother was a high school math teacher, my father was a college professor for a short amount of time, and last but not least my mother was a preschool teacher!  How cool right?  Anyways hopefully I'll get a hold of blogging :)
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